Online Correspondence w/ OPTIONAL Tutoring Sessions

Our OPTIONAL tutoring has proven to be the most effective way to learn the material and prepare to pass both the National and Colorado exams. With opportunities to meet weekly, combined with our online/correspondence program, you will be ready to take your exam in only 4-5 weeks time.

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Online/Correspondence Course

The online/correspondence course combined with tutoring sessions isn’t a realistic option for everyone. Do you want an online class experience instead? The Virtual Online option is best for you! Learn at your own pace, with the same materials, online quizzes and tests and excellent video lectures!

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Supplemental Videos and Materials

You will be provided with textbooks, study materials, at home assignments, and also a great library of reference videos and materials to make this journey even easier. After all, we pride our selves in giving you all of the necessary tools to navigate this process and achieve greatness.

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RMRES…The View is Better From Here!

At RMRES we rise above our competition. We have the best instructors in the state, using the most up to date materials and information! When it comes to real estate licensing courses, you truly “get what you pay for.” And when you register with RMRES, we know that you expect excellent instruction, great student support, and the best education in order to pass the national and state exams. Therefore, we deliver exactly that!